We are passionate about organisational development and the significant role it plays in operationalising business strategy, minimising the negative messages and maximising the positive messages related by your employees.


Managing discipline in the workplace can be cumbersome. Our approach is systematic, structured and in line with our legislation and the codes of good practice.



When your business is going through a challenging time and you need to take tough decisions regarding your workforce, we are geared to assist.



Appointing the right people in your business is one of the most important decisions that you have to make. The right person adds value, understands your vision and purpose.



Employee development in an ever changing world of work will allow your teams to adapt and ensure sustainability of your business.



Investors and banks still require a formal business plan before considering whether to fund or support your venture. We are geared2write your business plan and add value to your business.



Coaching individuals, teams and managers has never had more impact than with the Clifton Strengths. A coach can help you identify immediate actions that will give traction to your progress and development.



Geared2Solve have partnered up with a Strategic Stakeholder Solutions Specialist so that we can offer you more services to help your company.


We add value to your business through corporate and strategic communication that can consist of change management, internal communication research and audits, to ensure that you communicate purposefully and support the delivery of the business strategy for your employees to understand and implement it successfully. We choose the right message and the right tactics for the right results. 


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Stakeholder engagement can ensure sustainable and positive development in project-impacted areas.  We help organisations to better understand who their stakeholders are, how to engage, what their stakeholders want, why they want it and when they want it. This will impact on an organisation’s plans and actions that will affect their goals.



With community and development communication we can develop, implement and manage a programme that enhances stakeholder understanding of issues affecting business operations within the community and the business it serves.  This builds trust and credibility with stakeholder groups generally through consultation and other communication-based activities.



Create a sense of stability, status and security. Ensure sustainable Business, HR practices and communication solutions with a focus on strategic planning before execution to unlock inclusive value, sustainable business and growth.


WOW! This is my overall sentiment when referring to my experience with Geared2Solve… heir professionalism and expertise made my life SO much easier.  Their diligence and willingness to go the extra mile.

– Sylvester Scholtz

Leana is one of the most driven and dedicated individuals I have ever come across. She is a very good listener and has an ability to unpack complex concepts into small easy to manage parts. Although she is an expert in Human Resource Management, I have found her capabilities to stretch far beyond the HR field in areas like strategic management, brand management as well as business development.

She is an excellent mentor and trainer and never falls short of sharing and imparting her skills to those who need it. Another of her notable skills is that of being an implementer – ideas do not end as that where Leana is concerned, but are brought to life, if they are viable. She maintains a positive disposition and has a way of making an invaluable difference and contribution to those that get an opportunity to work with her.

– Louisa Masango @ O.B.S.S

We have been working closely with Geared2Solve for the last year plus and only have the highest praise for Leana Leonard and her team of experts and support staff. They always proven themselves to be of the highest calibre, with exemplary commitment levels in whatever they do and have always maintained unwavering ethical standards. They all are highly skilled, enthusiastic, driven, experienced, dynamic, credible and professional individuals who at the same time work extremely well as a well-oiled team when and where required.

We can thus with the utmost confidence recommend their services/range of products to any relevant individual, company or government institution who might require part or a combination of their scope of services.

– Anina Hough @ GTS Africa

Leana has always been a go getter. Within the organisation she was the expert in field of employee relations and dealing with the unions and CCMA. She is an excellent leader, someone that always goes the extra mile.

– Shakeera Booysen @ Ackermans

My first meeting with Leana left me amazed at her ability to hear what you are not saying, to provide what you don’t realise you need, and how she leaves you feeling assured and safe. First impressions are lasting, but trust is built. The trust that has been established between us is worth more than money can ever buy. I am specifically mentioning trust because in Leana’s line of work trust is certainly one of the most important factors. You must trust the suggestions, the deliverables and the outcomes. You must trust the relationship and the fact that she really cares. She pours heart, soul and incredible skill into her work – in generous, friendly and efficient portions! I will recommend Leana time and time again.

– Maureen Grobler @ The Beauty Brand

Credo Fiduciary Services het in 2018 die dienste van Leana Leonard in haar persoonlike hoedanigheid as HR Konsultant gebruik om ons te konsulteer met die opstel van werknemer kontrakte en personeel aangeleenthede. Ons het haar dienste uiters profesioneel ervaar. Sy is kundig op haar gebied, goed voorberei en ons kan haar dienste met vrymoedigheid aanbeveel.

– Claudia Spies @ Credo FS

The service received from Leana was professional. Work ethics prevailed. The manner in which she addressed the matter and assessed the case and all evidence, was independent and objective.

– Engelie Botha @ QuadPara Association Gauteng South

Leana is a driven compasionate human resources manager with the well being and ethics of employees and the organisation at heart. She has the ability to work with detail as well as bigger concepts around people management. Her attitude is very positive and with her knowledge and know how is she a valuable human capital leader and manager in any organisation.

– Henk Schalekamp @ WildFig

Leana has immensely strong HR skills and could always be called on for any advice relating to HR and IR. Quite frankly the best HR and IR individual I have ever had the pleasure of working with. A brilliant peoples person that always has a smile on her face. She is a person that would go the extra mile for her colleagues and friends, be it professionally or personally.

– Robin Vermeulen @ Ackermans

Leana’s attitude & behaviour was always professional, but with a smile. Also considered her very level-headed approaching challenges.

– Pieter du Plessis @ Learn: Blended & Creative Minds

In our rapidly changing world, CEOs of companies need to adapt quickly to stay in business.  Most of the time this only involves procedural or operational changes, but in tough economic times, companies face the decision to restructure or retrench their workforce. Leaders struggle with how to best manage their most valuable resource – their human resource – while staying a viable business.

There are quite a few pieces written about the business retrenchment strategies and at Geared2Solve we can help you with this process too. Our 7-step retrenchment action plan will guide you through the Human Resources and Internal Communication aspects of the downsizing process. But today we want to focus on those employees that made the cut, the ‘’survivors’’.

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