Coaching individuals, teams and managers has never had more impact than with the Clifton Strengths.

I have seen many coaching models, worked with different methodologies and decided to only focus my attention on using this instrument. The Clifton Strengths is well researched and its focus is on your natural talents, what you are born to be great at and with the myriad of resources they provide, also one of the best development tools that I love working with. Coaching is all about YOU. Creating space to really get to know yourself better. Self-awareness starts with the willingness to self-explore, to look at what you are doing well and to develop your natural talents into workable strengths. Focusing on the positives restore self-confidence, energizes and will enable you to reach your ultimate goals whether on an individual level or in your team.

The coaching model caters for Individual development, Management development, Team development, enhanced Engagement with people (employees, leaders, friends, family etc.) and building towards greater performance.


  • You have reached a point in your career where you feel very close to your ceiling.
  • You want to explore and get to know yourself better – creating self-awareness.
  • You feel stuck and do not know what the next steps should be to develop yourself.
  • You have goals, but battle to achieve them.
  • You want to be promoted but have no idea where to start.
  • You are a newly appointed manager and need some guidance on managing your diverse team.
  • You are a seasoned executive that needs to be reminded of the greatness that lies within you and to propel your business into the next growth phase.


  • Executives
  • Managers on all management tiers
  • Team leaders
  • Teams
  • Individuals looking to develop themselves (work and personal development)


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