Essential HR Processes

Essential HR processes: Performance Management and Performance Development

Did you know that there are only about 170 days to go until the end of the year? With that in mind, July presents a great opportunity to review and adjust or set new goals for your business, your team, and yourself. In this article, we’ll explore the concepts of performance management and performance development, both essential HR processes for building a strong, engaged workforce that will help your company achieve its goals and finish strong.

Why is goal setting important in business?

Goal setting is critical for any business owner, as it gives your organisation a long-term vision and provides short-term motivation. Geared2Solve has worked together with various clients over the years, advising on and implementing performance management and performance development plans. These companies shared the following benefits:

  • Goals improve focus
    Goals provide businesses with a clear direction, including what to focus on and how to get there. When communicated clearly and consistently, organisational goals are a valuable guide that will help your team to understand what to prioritise and what actions to take to meet their key performance areas (KPAs).
  • Goals are a source of motivation and inspiration
    We all want to feel that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves, clearly defined goals are a helpful way to let each employee understand how their role contributes to the success of the business. Many of our clients have reported that it also inspired teamwork.
  • Goals are a benchmark for success
    Goals give leadership something to come back to at the end of the set period, allowing you to assess how you and your team performed and whether there are gaps that you need to bridge moving forward.

How can performance management help my team and I achieve our goals?

Performance management is an HR process that focuses on evaluating and assessing employee performance. Simply put, it’s a measurement tool that helps leaders and their reports understand what is expected of each specific role, and how it adds value to the department and contributes towards the business achieving its goals. It ensures regular conversation which creates opportunities for early intervention to ensure everyone’s success.

And what about performance development?

Performance development is an HR process that focuses on improving employee performance and fostering growth and development. This is where strength coaching really comes into its own! Geared2Solve, a Gallup Global Strengths Certified Coaching Practice since April 2020, has a proven track record in helping professionals understand their unique talents and strengths and how these can be used most effectively in their positions, further contributing to your business’s success.


My teammates and I got so much value out of understanding our strengths as a collective and how to best use them to work together to achieve excellence. I highly recommend Geared2Solve for professional coaching and team development.

– Nicolette vd Heever, Business Analyst, atWORK Internet Solutions (Pty) Ltd


Final thoughts

When used together as part of your human resources strategy, performance management, and performance development are one of the most effective and efficient processes to use to build a strong, engaged workforce that can help your business achieve its goals. Partner with Geared2Solve and trust us to guide your business in creating an environment that is conducive for your team to help the organisation achieve its goals.

If you need help with any HR-related service, Geared2Solve would love to assist. Reach out today.

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