Geared2Solve is a Boutique Business Consulting service provider. We aim to understand your challenges, create solutions to ensure best practices with future thinking methodology and implementation. We gear your business for future-readiness.

Geared for Vision: Establish a new way of thinking about business through strategising  co-designing and implementing HR, communication and business solutions

Geared for Purpose: Create a sense of stability, status and security. Ensure sustainable Business, HR practices and communication solutions with a focus on strategic planning before execution to unlock inclusive value, sustainable business and growth.

Geared2Solve is the brainchild of Leana Leonard, Businesswoman, Entrepreneur and registered Chartered HR Professional with the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP).

With more than one hundred years of shared experience, the team are problem solvers who view challenges as opportunities and loves the challenge of finding the optimal solution to a business scenario. We have the unique ability to plan out multiple scenarios to find the best possible way forward.

We have experience in Business, Human Resources and all aspects of Communication. This includes Business Strategy Alignment, HR Architecture, Service Delivery, Value Platform and Metrics, strategic communication, change management facilitation and community development. We have a holistic approach and can integrate different methods to design solutions that are practical and effective for your business.

We work within a network of service providers who all enhance the services offered by Geared2Solve, including branding, strategic communication, business strategy, payroll services, event organising, intern placements, imports and exports etc.

“Don’t underestimate the value of having a good team! You don’t become successful on your own. You have to rely on really good people.”

– Alicia Quarles


We are a diverse and dynamic team of future-thinking experts to provide you with exclusive boutique business solutions. We work with you, envision what you would like to achieve, work with best practice and co-design lasting solutions. We ensure that you can create a harmonious work environment with our human resources and communication solutions to build transparency, communication and trust in your business.  Our methods are inclusive and therefore your team would be part of and feel part of the processes too.


Leana Leonard
Chartered HR Professional


Renata Coetzee
HR Specialist


Christine Breet
Strategic Stakeholder Solutions Specialist


Maureen Grobler
Trainer, Facilitator and Enabler


Debbie Bodenstein
Hub Coordinator


Lenette Vermeulen
Graphic Designer