Make a difference this Youth Month

June is Youth Month and as a proudly South African company, Geared2Solve is serious about making an impact in the lives of the future leaders of our country. Local businesses have an important role to play in the transformation of the youth and an HR consultancy like ours can offer guidance and support to your company during the process.

What is an internship?

Internships offer graduates (or candidates who are close to completing their tertiary qualification) an opportunity to gain practical experience in the workplace, often in an entry-level position and industry that’s suited to their qualifications. Internships can range from a few weeks to 12 months and are one of the most feasible ways for companies to discover young talent.

The value of investing in an internship programme

An internship programme is supported by South African bodies as a development mechanism to provide the youth with skills and experience and in turn can offer companies incentives, tax rebates, and B-BBEE advantages. Leana Leonard, founder of Geared2Slove shares, “Internships offer those with little experience the chance to add value to your organisation while businesses have the opportunity to preview the interns’ work ethic, potential, and skills.” Geared2Solve can help you screen and hand-pick candidates who match your company’s requirements and culture for full-time employment.

Trust Geared2Solve as a reliable partner

During the last five years, we have worked hard at building relationships with reputable tertiary institutions like Belgium Campus, specialising in IT education. Solid connections like this give our HR consultancy access to the strongest graduates in the market. As a partner to your business, we work closely with your internal teams to understand the brand, culture, and technical requirements of the position. This puts Geared2Solve in a unique position to not only facilitate the recruitment process but to add even more value by physically representing your business to prospective interns at career days. Once your new recruits have started, we can ensure a smooth transition by running team development workshops.


I enjoy my interactions with Leana. Through the opportunity at atWORK that she worked hard to make possible, Leana has helped me to understand and better utilise my personal strengths. This has enhanced my self-awareness and led to stronger relationships with my colleagues.

Happyness Sokolangani, intern at atWORK Internet Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd


Whether you have an existing internship programme and need assistance with new recruits or are just starting to explore the value an initiative like this could have for your business, talk to Geared2Solve, we would love to help.

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