Employee development in an ever changing world of work will allow your teams to adapt and ensure sustainability of your business. To stay current in the workplace we should embark on developing skills that are not easily automated, we need to rekindle our creative and critical thinking skills, hone in on our soft skills and create a culture of innovation.


The following themes that can be presented in a 60-minute overview or as a 1 – 3 day workshop.

• Company values – why do we have them? (2 Sessions)
• Company values – Respect, Trust and credibility
• Office ethics – what is the difference between ethics and morals?
• Office ethics – what is ethical decision making?
• Office etiquette – working with others in the same space
• Office etiquette – conducting a meeting
• Personal development – how do I grow?
• Strengthfinder sessions – once a quarter with every small team with the focus of optimal team performance
• Leadership in a disruptive industry
• Communication – strategies that work
• Communication – active listening skills
• Communication – Internal employee communication
• Communication – conflict management
• Communication – crucial conversations – having that difficult discussion
• Communication – crisis management
• Conflict resolution – dealing with difficult people
• Creative thinking and Innovation
• Risk awareness and risk management
• Customer relationship management
• Customer service – problem solving approach

• Customer service – my customer’s behaviour – my behavior
• Customer service – happy customer happy life
• The art of effective delegation
• Effective planning and scheduling
• Employee accountability
• Dispute resolutions – how do I deal with a grievance
• Dispute resolutions – how do I maintain discipline in my department
• Dispute resolutions – how do I address non-performance
• Discipline – what is the difference between poor performance and misconduct
• Discipline – how do I give a warning
• Basic HR • Recruitment – how do I conduct an interview
• Recruitment – how do I know it is the right candidate for the job
• Giving effective feedback
• Goal setting / reaching my objectives
• Managing stress at work
• Work-life balance – does it exist?
• Building high performing teams
• Employee wellness
• Risk management
• Health and Safety / First Aid training
• Time management