The value of team building and leadership development

When business investments are mentioned, there is plenty to be invested in to make the organisation run smoothly, such as new computer software, upgraded hardware, employee benefits, etc. But one investment is constantly overlooked: team building and leadership development.

As younger generations replace older generations in the workforce and the current economic climate reveals that employees are feeling financial pressure and despondency, retention rates are likely to be a struggle for companies. Team building activities may sound like a drag, to the point where some staff members may even try to avoid getting involved. But to foster a positive workplace culture, it is crucial to have the team engage with one another. High levels of employee engagement result in improved retention, less absenteeism, better performance, and an increase in productivity, all of which boost profitability.

External coaching makes a meaningful impact
Research shows an increase in companies viewing external coaching as a proactive, positive way to manage, motivate and improve the performance of their teams, and with many advantages, it’s easy to understand why.

  • Objectivity
    External coaches don’t carry the load of internal responsibilities and as such they don’t drive the direction of the company or set employee targets. An outside specialist has the luxury of being able to focus on coaching – they are free of accountability, authority, company politics, and preconceptions. Geared2Solve has been described by clients as an objective partner, motivated only by the aim of helping team members understand issues and reach their full potential.


  • Confidentiality
    External coaches are not involved in internal decisions or obliged to give feedback on conversations that take place within the coaching environment, an outside specialist can create an environment where trust can flourish. Leana Leonard, founder of Geared2Slove shares, “We are passionate about creating a relaxed, confidential environment where employees feel safe to talk openly about their feelings and situations, without judgment or repercussions. That’s when the power of coaching can really come alive.”


  • Specialist skills and experience
    Like Geared2Solve, a Gallup Global Strengths Certified Coaching Practice since April 2020, most external coaches have completed an accredited training program and have specialist skills and experience that will guide the coaching process and guarantee the right outcome.

Geared2Solve trusts the Gallup Clifton Strengths assessment tool, and you should too

Backed by decades of research and trusted by millions of industry professionals worldwide, Gallup Clifton Strengths was the obvious choice for Geared2Solve. Unlike many other assessment tools which focus on identifying weaknesses and areas of improvement, our tool of choice is designed to highlight each team member’s unique talents and strengths which is positive and empowering – the Geared2Solve way.

We are proud to have completed close to 120 client strength assessments to date, all of which have found the post-assessment practical guidance valuable. With the help of Geared2Solve, your team can apply these helpful tips to their personal and professional life for greater success and fulfilment.

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