Strategic communication is about communicating purposefully. Organisations make strategic decisions all the time. But to accomplish its goals, the organisation needs to examine its communications holistically to create an integrated, multidisciplinary approach that helps the organisation realise its goals.  

Strategic communication is the big picture direction for communication that supports the delivery of the business strategy.

Strategies are living things. They provide a compass for the business in setting priorities, allocating resources, developing products and services, engaging and empowering employees, and defining relationships with stakeholders. As communication consultants, we add value at each stage of the delivery of the strategy. Prioritise work, provide counsel and facilitate feedback that informs and delivers strategy. 


Strategic communication planning is a catalyst for alignment to the business goals. It’s all about creating the conditions for an organisation to have some intentionality about its communication function—to answer vital questions such as why we are communicating, who are the priority audiences and why they are important, what message we want to bring to life, what channels will be most effective, and finally, how we’ll know if we’ve been successful. 


Sustainability and social impact are recognised as a growing area of strategic value creation for companies and projects.  Most listed companies have the responsibility to report on social investment and community development programmes.  Stakeholder engagement can ensure sustainable, positive development in project-impacted areas.   


Through early engagement with communities and other stakeholders, we are geared2 pave the way for successful projects without costly delays and unreasonable demands 

We make sense of complex challenges through active engagement with stakeholders.  We embrace user-centred design to offer a creative problem-solving approach.