It’s very rare to come across a person with an ability to spot potential from a mile off and actually find ways of unleashing it effectively. That’s what Leana Leonard has done for me over the past 4 years where she managed to identify my strengths and ways to use those to achieve my professional and personal goals in an effortless, creative and fun manner. Every interaction with her through our coaching sessions leaves me feeling positive and ready to tackle any project with ease.

She is methodical in her approach, provides constructive criticism; and communicates hope and optimism . Her ability goes beyond just one-on-one mentoring, she uses her extensive network of contacts to connect one to people that will add value, provide support and enhance strengths. She is a good listener and is always willing to share her knowledge, skills and expertise.

Having experienced her effectiveness in my professional and personal growth, I have no doubt she can add immense value to anyone that signs up for her coaching and mentoring sessions. Anyone would be lucky to have Leana as a coach and mentor; and that is my heartfelt recommendation!