We have a holistic approach and can integrate different methods to design solutions that are practical and effective for your business. When in doubt, rather CONSULT! 

When in doubt, rather CONSULT!


Managing discipline in the workplace can be cumbersome. Our approach is systematic, structured and in line with our legislation and the codes of good practice. We can offer our assistance to investigate matters of misconduct, bring forth the allegations and present the Company case in disciplinary hearings. We have the knowledge and experience to chair disciplinary hearings and to ensure that we are within the scope of the law.


When your business is going through a tough time and you need to take tough decisions with regards to your workforce, we are geared to assist you with good advice on best practice, processes and managing the change that is a consequence when laying off employees. Our services include assisting you in strategizing, planning and structuring the retrenchment process on the basis of a change management model, clear communication and with the necessary care for both management and employees.


Appointing the right people in your business is one of the most important decisions that you have to make. The right person adds value, understands your vision and purpose for your business and helps build your business with you. We are geared2 help you find the person that will complement your strengths and have the skills to cover business needs that you identified. Our process is comprehensive as we cover the recruitment and selection process from inception to appointment and beyond.


Employee development in an ever changing world of work will allow your teams to adapt and ensure sustainability of your business. To stay current in the workplace we should embark on developing skills that are not easily automated, we need to rekindle our creative and critical thinking skills, hone in on our soft skills and create a culture of innovation.