5 Advantages of hiring an External HR Consultant

Hiring an HR consultant is a great way to handle your employment relations matter. They are professionals on this topic and you can trust them to do their work well.


They could be tremendous help for a lot of things like hiring new employees, planning and executing the training and performance management. They will also be keeping your company compliant with all the employment laws and regulations.


Here are 5 advantages of why a business should hire an External HR Consultant:

1. A fresh set of eyes.

Unlike a permanent employee, who may be subject to the internal ‘politics’ of an organisation, consultants bring an independent perspective to their work. A good consultant will always be unbiased and objective, and as they have no personal connection to the organisation. Their ‘out-of-box’ thinking means they can focus only on the goal/plan agreed with their client, without being caught up in internal distractions.


2. Bring expertise to the table.

Human resources consultants have experience of working with several businesses across industries and sectors. Hence, they have an exposure and insights about the best practices to follow and implement. Your HR team is more likely to be a team of generalist and not an expert in every sub-field. Hence, leveraging human resources consultant’s expertise shall go a long way to make accurate strategic decisions and benefiting from it.


3. Difficult decisions.

The process of identifying redundancies and implementing staff cuts, for instance, can be influenced by and damaging for team dynamics if administered internally. Consultants, meanwhile, have an objective lens through which they can identify where to make cuts and make them with a sufficient amount of emotional distance.


4. Cost effective.

Organisations deploying external expertise for individual projects do not incur overhead costs, such as providing benefits, or even having to supply a computer and a workspace. In addition, once a project is completed, consultants can be retired, meaning that an organisation no longer incurs costs.


5. Objective feedback on your existing HR capabilities.

In case, you have an in-house well developed and robust human resources capability, you may not want to outsource the work to the consultants. However, even in such circumstances it is better to periodically hire these consultants to get an objective feedback on your current systems. It may help you to know the third party view on your capability, including strengths and weaknesses. This shall enable you to know the things that you are doing right and help you fill any existing gaps in the current system to make it better and efficient.

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