10 Tips to ensure a streamlined process when it comes to recruitment

Recruitment can sometimes be a human resources road packed with landmines. By ensuring you have the right checks and balances in place, you can source the right candidates and achieve greater success rates in employing the right people for the right jobs. The right people add to improved productivity and ultimately better business results. That is why the right employees are so important.

We have put together 10 tips to ensure a streamlined process when it comes to the usual recruitment anguish.


1. Ensure you have the vacancy fully defined.

If it is a new post makes sure the description and parameters of the post are fully described and clear. Be clear about the hiring process to avoid creating expectations. Include deadlines, selection timelines etc.


2. Draw up a specification sheet (spec) that speaks to all the traits and skills required for the job.

Areas of strengths, personality traits, skills, qualifications, overarching tasks can all be well stated in this spec. If you want the perfect person for the job you need to draw up a mini avatar of who this person could be so that the ideal candidate resonates with the spec.


3. Avoid one liner ads.

Ensure that you have created a succinct and condensed spec that speaks to all the areas that need to be assessed to ensure the candidate meets the requirements.


4. Ensure that you use a robust selection and criteria process.

To avoid any disputes once the post has been filled. The process should be fair and transparent to all applicants.


5. Prepare a set of questions that you will pose to all candidates to ensure uniformity across the board.

This ensures that each candidate can be fairly assessed against other applicants. Comparing apples with apples is important in this process.


6. Screen telephonically.

Before scheduling an interview, ensure that a thorough telephonic screening process is in place. This helps you ensure that the minimum requirements for the position is met and you get a good sense from the responsiveness of the candidate if they would be a match. This helps to narrow down the list to the best available candidates. Many applicants can simply be screened and discarded before the interview stage. The short list can be refined to suitable candidates that meet most of your criteria this way. A quick phone call saves a lot of time in the long run.


7. Interview the candidate at least twice.

When a final list of candidates has been drawn up, perform at least two interviews to allow the decision makers to be sure about the candidate. This allows you to get a good sense of the true essence of your candidate. Some people have good days and some bad. Interviews can be nerve wracking and thus a second interview could clinch the best candidate.


8. Always prepare a thorough screening process of credit, reference and criminal checks.

Qualifications should also be verified before moving onto the final process.


9. Make an offer that meets the business financial needs and include all relevant aspects that are important for candidates to consider.

Include leave, remuneration, policies that are relevant and any other important information about perks and benefits as well as the reporting structure within the business.


10. Employing a labour consultant is greatly beneficial.

Recruitment can be a journey that can land a company in a hearing with the CCMA if not handled correctly. Unfair labour practises are sometimes unintentionally committed and labour consultants will ensure that everything is strictly according to proper recruitment protocol.

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