1.  Are you transitioning from a small to medium or a medium to large-sized business?
  • We will work with you to envision what you want to achieve and help you to define sound strategies for your business.
  • Transitioning involves crucial conversations, benchmarking, and change management. We will guide you through this to help your organization grow into a mature business.
2. Are you developing your HR department to create a harmonious workspace?

The Geared2Solve HR bouquet includes:

  • Personnel and team development, including individual and team coaching.
  • The recruitment and placement of new team members.
  • Change management facilitation.
  • Services that assist you with negotiations, facilitation, mediation, investigations, and acting as a chairperson.
  • The review and development of your HR policies.
  • Our Gallup certified strengths coach can identify each team members’ talents to develop and grow your team within your business.
3. You know that you need to build transparency and trust in your business. But you don’t know where to start?

The Geared2Solve Communication bouquet will:

  • make use of our strategic communication services, to
  • help your team understand and execute your business strategy.
  • help you mold your internal communication strategy. help you identify the correct messages and tactics to keep your workforce engaged.
  • do research and conduct audits on your communication strategies.
  • facilitate workshops and assist you with training.
  • help you find innovative problem-solving methods with our expertise in the Design Thinking process.
4. Does BBEEE, BCEA, and Standards and Regulations feel like business minefields?
  • We will review your current strategy and policies to enable you to be compliant.
5. Do you want to develop and support your community but encountered some challenges?
  • We can assist you with communication to manage stakeholder expectations and ensure that everyone involved works towards the same goal.